Bubo.AI exhibits virtually at Singapore’s Week of Innovation and Technology

Bubo.AI was busy during the second week of December, as part of a thriving global exhibit, Singapore’s Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH), showcasing to businesses across the Asia Pacific region the benefits of AI-based pricing.

From Monday 7 until Friday 11 December, 2020, Singapore’s Week of Innovation and Technology is a thriving global community of over 95,000 people engaging with businesses and one another online.

SWITCH is a series of 11 digital villages, containing 60 digital buildings, home to 900 exhibitors. We are pleased to have been one of them, and have interacted with hundreds of people representing companies across the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

As part of SWITCH, our leadership team, including Alan Timothy (CEO) and David Shell (CMO) have delivered talks. It also gives our team the chance to meet with potential customers and partners from across the region, including those we are already in conversations with.

SWITCH is also a fantastic chance to gain insights into countries and cities we want to know about. Thanks to the Global Channel, curated by Enterprise Singapore’s global innovation network, there’s live-streamed content from over 60 partners, giving exhibitors and attendees invaluable insights and market access to 42 cities in 31 vibrant countries.

There are over 200 online conference sessions going on, with speakers from a wide range of big and small tech companies. Leading figures from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Accenture, and universities, such as Stanford, are doing talks. The event is focusing on five broad themes, including AI, which is why we’ve been delighted to make a positive contribution to conference.

One feature of the conference that’s particularly exciting, is within our digital booth, there’s the ability for attendees to book meetings. One of our team can then speak to a potential customer or partner one-on-one, making it a great way to explore opportunities in a thriving region.

Alan Timothy CEO, said that: “SWITCH has been an exciting opportunity to get to know and find out more about the thriving and forward-thinking Asia Pacific region. From Singapore to across South East Asia, to the economic powerhouses of Japan and China, we are looking forward to continuing conversations that have started during this conference. It’s also been an honour to given talks on the benefits of AI-driven customer value-based pricing.”

“Companies in this region are facing the same challenges as those across the world, and this is a new solution that many haven’t considered, but now are, thanks to Bubo.AI attending and taking part in this virtual conference hosted in Singapore.”

Bubo.AI: Find out more about our cutting-edge award-winning AI solutions, that will help companies generate more revenue and higher profits, thanks to our customer value-based pricing products and services.

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