Bubo.AI Wins Best Emerging Technology in AI Award

AI and Machine Learning Awards celebrate the best companies in the AI space

We were delighted to announce in November that we have won the award for ‘Best Emerging Technology in AI’ in Computing’s AI & Machine Learning Awards 2020. The awards were launched last year to recognise the best companies and innovative new projects in the AI space.

Computing is the only UK-based website dedicated to helping IT leaders innovate and drive business growth, and is well respected, having been launched in 1973, with a large audience of IT professionals and technology leaders.

The winner of this annual award is chosen by a jury of leading experts within the technology field. Criteria for the award focuses specifically on companies who support and drive innovation using artificial intelligence (AI), in a way that will have real-world business impacts. As a result of our innovative new solution, and the expected impact across a wide range of sectors, Bubo.AI won this prestigious award for their Customer value-based pricing solution, products and services.

“Bubo.AI’s unique and innovative approach in bringing modern, advanced data and a solution focused software to wholesalers and distributors is driving “breakthrough” changes to the industry,” said the Computing judging panel. “It’s not easy to standout in the crowded field of AI technologies, but Bubo.AI impressed us and we are thrilled to recognize the company in our 2020 AI and Machine Learning Awards.”

We work with top universities and academics to develop forward-thinking pricing solutions and deliver leading-edge technology. Our machine learning algorithm finds the maximum a customer is willing to pay for a product to ensure companies maintain demand, without leaving money on the table.

Our pricing optimisation software also supports sales staff to avoid giving unnecessary discounts. This way, companies that benefit from these solutions are going to reduce the risk of giving out constant discounts, as that isn’t the best way to escape a recession. Also, companies that take this approach will have stronger margins, higher profits, and be in a healthier position when the economy fully recovers.

“For the first time, our solution means companies can use customer value-based pricing which could be key for them to recover revenue and build a roadmap to profitability”, said Alan Timothy, CEO of Bubo.AI. “Being awarded ‘Best Emerging Technology in AI’ serves as a recognition of the value that the Bubo.AI team brings to our customers and the pricing industry.”

Andy Preston, Mayor of Middlesbrough, where Bubo.AI is based, added: “Middlesbrough is the home of digital technology startup companies delivering cutting edge technology products and services for companies across the world.

“We are working hard to support companies such as Bubo.AI, to make Middlesbrough and the Tees Valley a true global digital powerhouse, the next Digital City. This award is a great testament to the excellent work Teesside University and Bubo.AI produce, and we’re proud to be the home for progressive innovations.”

We are pleased to say that we have had a strong year of innovation, growth, and award wins. The leadership team can look ahead towards 2021 with confidence, with a series of positive news due to the announced on the website and elsewhere in the next few weeks and months.

Bubo.AI: Find out more about our cutting-edge award-winning AI solutions, that will help companies generate more revenue and higher profits, thanks to our customer value-based pricing products and services.


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